Lawn Fix / Glue

Namgrass Lawn Fix / Glue

Easy to use premium strength artificial lawn adhesive, specially formulated to withstand the rough and tumble of family life. Simply apply to your grass using the cartridge’s precision applicator to create a reliable and secure join. Combine with premium Namgrass joining tape to create a seamless join between two pieces of artificial lawn.

It can be used direct from the cartridge for simple and precise application which makes it ideal for artificial grass lawn construction.


£7.95 ex. VAT per Tube

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Namgrass we always say that there is no such thing as zero maintenance, especially in the garden. But Namgrass requires minimal maintenance. See our guide for more information about aftercare and maintenance.

    The life expectancy of any artificial grass very much depends on its usage, we say that under a normal domestic/garden usage that the life expectancy of the grass should be between 15 to 20 years.

    Namgrass is great for dogs and pets. Pet ‘mess’ will not affect Namgrass, nor will it discolour the grass. The installation process does differ slightly if you have pets, for example, we would recommend not installing shock pad or infilling with sand as this can hold moisture and therefore more likely to retain pet odours. We would also recommend a shorter pile height as its easier to clean. Your grass will need to be hosed down at least every 3-4 weeks. However, the frequency of this differs depending on the time of year and amount of use.

    Namgrass products not only offer the very best in terms of quality, but also offer the most natural look and feel. The Namgrass range is designed to satisfy everyone’s needs i.e. light coloured grass, darker shades, long pile, short pile, no matter which product you choose you can be assured you are buying the very best product on the market.

    Namgrass products are tested to determine fire behaviour to EN ISO 9239-1 standards. Should you wish to put a BBQ on or near artificial grass we would recommend standing it on hard standing  for example, some slabs – just to avoid any damage being done to your grass.

    All Namgrass products are made from the highest quality materials. To view some information about the material used to make Namgrass, compared to some of our competitors, go to Why Namgrass.

    All Namgrass products are produced in there very own factory in Belgium!

    On the rare occasion, you may notice thin white fibres that appear in your artificial grass, please do not worry – this is simply a multifilament yarn that binds the grass fibres together and protects the fibres through the manufacturing process and will disappear on its own. On average, it takes a few months (and sun helps) however if it is taking longer please do get in touch.

    The composition of Artificial Grass consists of a very strong woven ‘scrim’, this coupled with the latex backing and our recommended weed membrane installed under the grass make for a very tough surface, and for any such issue to be minimal.

    We cover the whole of Cornwall and parts of Devon. We also have national delivery network and can deliver your DIY artificial grass direct to your door.

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