1.How do I clean it?

You can use a stiff bristled broom or leaf blower for occasional cleaning. For lightly soiled areas and pet areas you can use a kid friendly, pet friendly, environmentally friendly Namgrass Astronomical grass cleaner.

2.Is it safe for my kids?

Absolutely. All Namgrass products are almost lead, chromium and cadmium free, as well as being non-toxic and low maintenance. What’s more, they’re tested regularly at the factory where they’re produced in Belgium (These test results are available for download from our website on the case- study page and resources).  http://cornwallartificiallawns.co.uk/case-study/
An Artificial Grass lawn is an excellent alternative for kids that have grass related allergies and reduces the likelihood of itchiness that can sometimes happen when kids play on natural lawns. In addition, artificial grass is more durable than a natural lawn so you don’t get those unsightly dead areas that occur when your grass is heavily used by children playing games (Football).

3.How long will it last?

A lawn with cheap grass from some places in china and the Middle East will have a life expectancy of 2 – 5 years, but most of our premium artificial grasses have an expected life span of 20 to 25 years.
Sports fields made using artificial grass are generally replaced every 10 years with all Namgrass artificial grasses coming with a 10-year warranty as standard. This warranty information is available for download from the resources or case study  page on our website. http://cornwallartificiallawns.co.uk/case-study/

4.Does the grass get really hot in the summer?

The short answer is no – However, artificial grass does get a bit warmer than a natural  grass lawn when in the direct midday  summer sun which can be ideal for those sun seekers who love laying on the lawn in the summer months.
While rubber crumb infill’s on sports pitches can get as much as 30% warmer than the ambient local temperature, a good rule of thumb is that artificial grass will get 10% warmer than real grass.

5.What if it rains a lot where I live?

Artificial grass is fine to use in any type of climate or county. Inclement weather that drops a lot of rain and moisture is not a problem because the grass drains at rates in excess of 0.68mm  per square meter  per hour.
Remember though – artificial grass (when installed properly) is installed on top of a compacted sub-base. So while some of the rain will get absorbed into the subbase, most will run based upon the direction of your gradient – so ensure your gradient is done with a 4% fall and/or that you have appropriate areas for water to drain to. (For a free no obligation quote get in touch via our contact page http://cornwallartificiallawns.co.uk/contact-us/ and we’ll be more than happy to help)

6.What about my pets doing their business?

Does it matter what type of artificial grass i use for my pet, In short – yes.  When artificial grass is being installed in areas used by pets you may want to pay more attention to the style of grass you choose. So it’s a question of priorities.

Short, dense artificial grasses are the easiest to pick up waste and clean.
Taller bladed grasses tend to look and feel more natural but may not be quite as easy to clean.

If you are unsure give us a call and we can let you know what Namgrass grass best suits your needs.  Also, be sure to use the appropriate cleaner such as Namgrass Astronomical grass cleaner.

7.Does it matter where my artificial grass is made?

No it doesn’t. What matters is the quality of the artificial grass that you buy and the company you buy it from; not where the artificial grass is assembled or tufted. We have travelled to factories around the continent to ensure that we choose only the best products, and that is where we decided on Namgrass, Namgrass have the ability to make superior, premium artificial grasses, as well as good quality affordable grasses. With the difference being the product specification that they’re constructing.

Namgrass  select the best yarns, made on the best machines, using the best backings – so all of our artificial grasses, from the budget-friendly to the most expensive, all come with the same industry leading 10-year warranty.
We know with confidence that you are purchasing a high quality product from Namgrass at a great  price.

8.Why the difference in price from one artificial grass to the next?

The pricing of an artificial grass product is driven by a variety of contributing factors.

The type of Backing (not all grass backings are the same!)

Most cheaper types of artificial grass have a single backing. The backing is the back of the grass.  Such a single backing doesn’t give much stability to the artificial grass so it may move or start to crease and furthermore, the fibres (yarn) are obviously less securely fixed in a single backing causing them to become loose; especially with more intensive use

How wear-free is the artificial grass?

Here’s an idea: see if you can use a power brush on the artificial grass. You will see the grass fibres (yarn) of the cheaper types flaking off. The grass of higher quality will hardly be damaged and the grass will retain its original colour and appeal.

The main difference between one type of artificial grass and the other has to do with the quality of the fibres. It’s hard to tell that difference just by looking at it, but you’ll soon notice it when you start using the grass. Superior artificial grass is made with high quality fibres (yarns) and can be heavily burdened. Inferior qualities (i.e. the cheaper ones) can’t stand heavy loads.

While all of our grasses come with the same 10 year warranty, they do not all perform the same nor do they have the same texture.  As an example, Namgrass Elise has an extremely soft texture, and the performance that can be achieved with an oval shaped fiber, while maintaining superior texture.

If any of this seems a little confusing, don’t worry. We have a team of experts with a wealth of experience ready and waiting to give you professional guidance so that choosing your artificial lawn will be simple and pleasurable experience.

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