[dropcap style="style3" title="Who will work on my Lawn?"]Q[/dropcap]Our staff are highly experienced people who carry out their work to the highest standards. All our installers are fully-focused on giving our customers ultimate peace of mind and confidence. All employees wear a company uniform.
[dropcap style="style3" title="Will pet waste cause damage?"]Q[/dropcap]Pet soiling will not damage the grass, and any staining which may occur can easily be cleaned. Animal urine will pass straight through the grass and be absorbed by the soil underneath - although we do recommend regularly rinsing the grass with water. Household cleaning products and artificial grass cleaners can be used to neutralise odours, and to maintain good drainage.
[dropcap style=”style3″ title=”Does artificial grass look fake?”]Q[/dropcap]Absolutely not. Namgrass uses advanced technology to create a realistic artificial grass which looks and feels amazing.
[dropcap style="style3" title="Can we see samples?"]Q[/dropcap]Visit our showroom in Goonhavern, Cornwall to view the various types of artificial grass we offer. Free samples are also available for you to take home. If you can't make it to us, you can order samples from the "request samples" page on this site.
[dropcap style="style3" title="Does artificial grass get hot?"]Q[/dropcap]Artificial grass can get hotter than normal grass, but it cools quickly once shaded and will not retain heat in the same way as paving, which takes longer to cool in hot conditions.
[dropcap style=”style3″ title=”Is the grass safe for my family?”]Q[/dropcap]All the artificial grass we install is free of harmful materials and 100% safe for kids and pets. Namgrass products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

Questions asked by you.

[collapsibles] [collapse title="What is the life expectancy of artificial grass?" state="active"] Namgrass comes with a 10 year warranty as standard, as well as our own 10 year installation warranty. A well maintained artificial lawn's life expectancy could be as much as 20 to 25 years - depending on traffic/usage. [/collapse] [collapse title= "Will I need to clean my grass?"] Although artificial grass doesn't require cutting like natural grass, your lawn will still need regular care. Rain will clean dust and other dirt from your lawn, but in dryer seasons a regular rinse with a hose will be needed. When you buy your artificial grass from us, we will provide you with a full care guide and advise on how to keep your lawn beautiful. [/collapse] [collapse title="What about about waterlogging?"] Water drainage is not an issue for an artificial lawn if quality products are installed correctly. All Namgrass products are perforated with drainage holes every 100mm in every direction, allowing for the same rate of drainage as natural grass. Additional underground drainage may be required for areas where water build up is likely. [/collapse] [collapse title="Can I drive and park my car on it?"] On some products you can but the sub base will have to be reinforced to suit the traffic. If you plan to park your car on the grass please inform us when discussing your installation. [/collapse] [collapse title="Is it easy to lay?"] Preparation is the key here. If you prepare the ground to the correct guidelines then it is very simple and quick to lay. [/collapse] [/collapsibles]

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